Global Marketing research and role of Social Networks – 5 Steps Guide on how to apply social networks analytics to Your Global Marketing

20th mai 2019
The fastest growing sources of information for international marketing are the discussions and exchanges among consumers on social networks. Due to a constant presence in the lives of their users, social networks have a decidedly strong social impact and the companies should learn how to get smart insights for their global growth needs. For global […]

Born Global strategy – 5 Tips for Building Your Global Growth Strategy

2nd avril 2019
For growth-minded startups and businesses, conquering the global market is the goal. Their primary vision is sharing their idea and expanding it across the world. Our increasingly digital world has made it possible and removed borders. This has made companies focus on adopting a more unified global marketing strategy. Here are some tips for success […]

Superheroes stories: Does it matter if I am German, Chinese or Italian for my global business?

14th février 2019
After more than six months of negotiation between Angela’s company and a Thai distribution company, they are finally meeting to finalise the conditions of the licensing agreement. Angela is the business development executive for a German pharmaceutical company and they have already around 20 partners around the globe. She is used to conduct business in […]

Superheroes stories: Going Global or Ready for the next level?

14th janvier 2019
Sandra is the owner of a food company who recently introduced a great innovative product on her local market. The success is promising for their innovation and the turnover is steadily growing.  After some initial discussions with existing foreign partners, there seems to be a great interest in the new product on other export markets […]

Superheroes stories: Breaking Barriers and Going Global

3rd décembre 2018
The optimal choice: regional strategy or global orientation? Ralph is a CEO of a start-up. His company provides a specialized software for recycling industry. His local market is growing well and he decided it is time to go global. He asked Sabine who is a management consultant to help him define his internationalisation strategy. Ralph […]

Global Leap and how to Prime Target your global strategy?

12th octobre 2018
70 % of SMEs have improved their competitive strength thanks to internationalization In current highly competitive conditions, it is thanks to international opportunities that the companies are further able to preserve their strategic focus and at the same time improve their profitability and grow their markets. It has become a commonly accepted wisdom that SMEs […]