International advisory platform

What is it?

Specialised cloud-based platform for advisory for SMEs and start-ups in international strategy and market selection for expert advisory agencies.

Prime Target provides a cloud-based SaaS tool for internationalization advisory agencies and consultants serving SMEs and start-ups. We ensure the availability of required global data for international market selection, novel data applications, innovative visualization tools and ergonomics of our solution. Our reports offer actionable intelligence you need for your clients to make informed decisions.

What is it for?

Advisory AgenciesInsure global success for your clients. Gain time in your advisory services and have always up-to-date data. Apply analytics and innovative tools.
Trade Development AgenciesBoost your country's exports to strongest potential markets. Gain time and have innovative tools for your clients. Quickly understand diverse countries potential specific to your SME’s markets.
Financial InstitutionsUnderstand, challenge and validate export potential of your clients. Risk assessment in your financing activities for SMEs. Offer innovative advisory services for your customers.