_ Small to medium Enterprises

Identifying the market that best fits its product or service is one of the most important internationalisation decisions a company will make. While some markets may be easier and faster to enter, other markets may be more challenging but could yield higher returns. Prime Target provides an efficient decision-making tool to select and watch export markets. Based on our clients needs and request, our proprietary analytics tool compares data on various countries and specific indicators for the company and industry and issues ranking reports, recommendations and infographic.

_ Start-ups

90 % of start-ups fail. There are various reasons of this failures and one of them is wrong country of launch or chosen as a second market of the product or service. Start-ups have very little time to prove their concept and validate their potential. Choosing the highest potential market is crucial for a start-up. Prime Target analyzes various countries as per specific indicators to start-ups and industries and provides intelligence reports to assist start-ups, investors and financial institutions decide where to launch in a most efficient way and how to optimize the
resources available.

_ Investors & banks

As an investor or as a financial institution, we have always the big dilemma whether to finance the international expansion business plan for a company whether it is an exporter, a service provider or a start-up. Prime Target provides custom reports to investors and financial institutions to help with this crucial decision regarding a SME or a start-up. This decision-making tool will supply advisory on ranking and optimal choice of future potential countries and help diminish the potential risks either financial, economical or geopolitical.

_ Consultants

The independent consultants and advisors in international development need global up-to-date and excellent visualization tools and reports for their daily business. The cost of being connected and subscribed to different databases are high and extracting data is a very time consuming process. Prime Target assists small consulting agencies in providing tools for their clients SMEs and start-ups.

_ International development agencies

Public agencies provide essential advisory and tools for small and medium enterprises. Their needs and priorities to provide companies with decision-making tools are linked to their objective to increase small and medium enterprises’ export potential. Prime Target builds successful partnerships with public agencies to assist in a more effective way small and medium businesses.