Prime Target is an online market research and business intelligence platform. It provides Export Market Selection tools to decide which countries to export and invest in and pursue for global development. Our tools provide access to data from market, social media and opinion research institutions, as well as from business organizations and government institutions.

International Market Selection Process plays a crucial role in the international development of a company. Market Selection is based on a thorough evaluation of the different markets with reference to certain well-defined criteria, given the company resources and objectives.

We help find the best markets for your successful global growth. Our expert model powered by consultants in export advisory.  Furthermore our model uses data statistics and consumer insights, social media analytics from more than 100 countries and 22500 sources. Above all our visual dashboards are simple, beautiful and professional.

Most importantly, our trustworthy proprietary AI-based algorithm and powerful analytics help companies in the complex decision-making process of global development. Targeting highest potential international markets is part of the strategic decisions to make for each company. Without a proper strategic selection process and tool, often global development goes unprofitable and becomes unpredictable over time. Prime Target puts reliable data from global leading sources and complex database platforms to the service of our clients. Our custom market rankings and data analytics reports help guide a single-focused, unified sales and marketing global strategy.

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