Terms of Use, Privacy and Cookie Policy

Terms of Use, Privacy and Cookie Policy


Pursuant to the provisions of the law for building confidence in the digital economy, the publisher of this site is:

Prime Target Solutions SAS is a company body registered with the Commercial Register of Marseille under the SIREN number 840 838 015 and under the European VAT number FR 54 840 838 015 and whose registered office is located at 45 Rue Joliot Curie Hôtel Technologique Marseille 13482, France (e-mail : contact@primetarget.tech).

Prime Target Solutions SAS provides direct and permanent hosting of the Website for its use by the general public.

The website and data are hosted by OVH SAS, a company located at 2 rue Kellermann BP 157 59053 Roubaix cedex 1, France – tel.: +33(0)8 203 203 63


The User acknowledges that he/she has read these conditions of use and undertakes to abide thereby.

Access to the Website is free and open.

The publisher of the Website can reserve spaces that shall only be accessible to authorised persons via a log-in and a password, according to the general conditions of use of the subscriber space included on the account creation form.

Users of the www.primetarget.tech Website shall only have access to the free area of the site.

Users shall refrain from all unauthorised access to one of the reserved spaces and agree not to access or make attempts to access reserved spaces under penalty of this action being considered fraudulent as defined by the provisions of the French Penal Code.

Should the User of the site inadvertently access a reserved space without being entitled to do so, he/she undertakes to inform the site publisher thereof at the following address: contact@primetarget.tech, so that the necessary measures can be taken.

The User agrees to treat all data that comes to his or her knowledge at the time of access to the reserved space as confidential data and consequently agrees not to disclose said information.

The User acknowledges that he or she has the required skills and equipment to access and use the site.

The User of the Website confirms that he or she has checked that the IT configuration used does not contain any virus and that it is fully operational.

The www.primetarget.tech Website publisher takes all necessary steps to provide Users with available and verifiable information and/or tools nevertheless it shall not be held responsible for errors, unavailability of features and/or the presence of viruses on the site.

The information provided by the publisher of the www.primetarget.tech Website is strictly indicative and shall not exempt the user from any additional and personnalized analysis.

The publisher of the www.primetarget.tech Website shall not provide any guarantees as to the accuracy, comprehensiveness or topicality of the information provided on the site.

Accordingly said information shall be used under the User’s sole liability.


Prime Target Solutions SAS moderates information disseminated on the www.primetarget.tech Website after it has been posted thereon. The moderator does not modify the content of the message. It regularly supervises the exchanges and ensures that:

- messages are in keeping with the scope of the forum;

- users are civil and polite;

- users comply with the forum use charter.

Any User who connects to a discussion forum or who would like to share an experience thereon shall be fully liable for the words and messages exchanged and posted with regard to Prime Target Solutions SAS and third parties.

All Users may inform Prime Target Solutions SAS of inaccurate or blatantly illegal content on the forum by sending an e-mail to the contact@primetarget.tech address.

In its capacity as host of the Website containing the forum, Prime Target Solutions SAS shall consequently take all the necessary and appropriate actions.

Users are hereby informed that all notifications to Prime Target Solutions SAS forum host, shall be sent at their sole responsibility.

Any abusive notification may be sanctioned with regard to Act No. 2004-575 dated 21 June 2004 for confidence in the digital economy.


Personal data is collected and processed by Prime Target Solutions SAS, processing manager, via the forms on the Website in order to:

- allow companies to register and express interest in Prime Target Solutions services;

- ensure current and future client’s management;

- improve current and future client’s experience and provide them services adapted to their needs and interests;

- update internal directories for customers and prospects management;

- create dedicated clients secure space to access reports, studies and tools performed and created by Prime Target Solutions.

The data collected is essential to this management process. If this information is not collected then the file cannot be managed. This information is transmitted to the members of the Prime Target Solutions SAS consulting department and certain members of the Prime Target Solutions SAS office, as well as service providers for maintenance of the www.primetarget.tech site.

Users are informed that in accordance with the French Data Protection Act dated 6 January 1978, they have a right to query, access, amend and object on legitimate grounds to the processing of their personal data. Said right shall be exercised with the Prime Target Solutions SAS Data Protection Officer by e-mail sent to the contact@primetarget.tech address or via regular mail accompanied by a copy of an ID card to the following address: Correspondant Informatique et libertés, Prime Target Solutions SAS, 45 Rue Joliot Curie Hôtel Technologique 13382 Marseille

Users are informed that a cookie may be automatically installed on their browsing software when they visit the Website.

Cookies are data blocks used to gather information about how Users are browsing the site and not to identify individual users.

Users can be informed of the presence of cookies through the configuration of the browsing software and may possibly refuse the cookies in the manner described at the following address: www.cnil.fr.

Users are entitled to a right to access, remove and modify personal data communicated via cookies under the conditions stipulated above.

The User of the www.primetarget.tech Website shall comply with the provisions of the French Data Protection Act dated 6 January 1978, breach of which is liable to common law prosecution.

With regard to personal data accessed or to which they may have access, users shall in particular refrain from collecting and in general misappropriating said data or performing any action likely to be detrimental to the privacy or the reputation of people.


The general structure as well as the software, texts, animated or other images, its know-how and all other elements composing the site are the exclusive property of Prime Target Solutions SAS.

Any representation whether in whole or in part of this Website without the express authorisation of Prime Target Solutions SAS is prohibited and will constitute an infringement of copyright that may be punishable as a criminal offense in accordance with Articles L. 335-2 et sec of the French Intellectual Property Code.

The same shall apply to the databases included, as applicable, on the www.primetarget.tech Website, which are protected by Articles L. 341-1 et sec. of the French Intellectual Property Code.

Prime Target Solutions SAS’s distinctive signs such as domains, trademark, corporate name as well as the logos appearing on the site are protected by the French Intellectual Property Code.

Total or partial reproduction of said trademarks or logos using elements from the website without Prime Target Solutions SAS’s express authorisation is prohibited under the French Intellectual Property Code.

Moreover, photos, videos and certain articles disseminated on the site are supplied by the Oueb Design - Lionel Da Costa.


The hyperlinks to other Internet resources included on this Website and in particular to its partners were subject to prior written and express authorisation.

The Users and visitors of the Website shall not set up any hypertext link to this Website without the prior express authorisation of the Website publisher.

The Website publisher shall not be held liable for access by the Users via the hypertext links to other resources on the network included on this Website.


These conditions of use are subject to French Law, both for the rules of substance and the rules of form.


Information about the analytics tool

The analytics tool ‘Google Analytics’ is used on this website in order to obtain information about the navigation of visitors.

It particularly enables us to understand how users navigate through the website.

- The information collected is not associated with any other data processing.

- The cookie that is stored is only used to produce anonymous statistics.

- The cookie cannot be used to track the navigation of the internet user on other sites.

If you do not want to be tracked, you can refer to the terms and conditions applicable to the protection of personal information.