Business intelligence strategy tools to identify and watch export markets that best fit your product or service.


Professional and reliable reports to validate global potential for your clients or future investments.


Unique reports to validate the best markets to launch your startup and to convince your investors of global potential.


Innovative, trustworthy and data-driven tools for consulting businesses. You focus on your clients and we develop tools for your unique needs.

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About us Prime Target SMEs and start-ups

Laura Drewett, Pourquoiprincesse.com

« Prime Target made the decision-making process of where to export next easy. Their great and beautiful reports allowed us to decide on our next best potential export markets. »

About us Prime Target SMEs and start-ups

Laurent Bonnet,

« Prime Target’s monthly reports allow me to watch my current and future markets. I feel more confident about the different markets I am present in already and those I intend to develop. »
About us Prime Target SMEs and start-ups accelerate growth

Victor Stekly,

« Prime Target gave me some valuable information and was instrumental in helping me evaluate in more detail which markets held the most potential for us. »

About us Prime Target SMEs and start-ups accelerate growth

Etienne de Fontainieu,
Legal City

« Prime Target’s market reports are ready in a few days and it’s very hard to replicate what they do. The reports are unique and full of insights for our global growth. »

Insights to achieve global success