The Company

Prime Target helps SMEs and start-ups accelerate growth and improve performance globally through the power of data and analytics. Our management team is versatile and abreast in growth hacking for companies with global ambitions. Our purpose is to open access to small and medium enterprises to a fundamentally new approach in decision making with regards to global growth strategies, one designed to match today’s fast pace of change and new technologies. Powered by our proprietary technology, we call it Prime Target Approach.


SMEs and start-ups use Prime Target to spotlight their top priority markets, optimize their resources and streamline their sales. By using Prime Target, our clients gain time and accelerate their international development. We provide fast and reliable rankings and analytics for your global development business plan.


Our goal is our clients’ success and we strive everyday to serve SMEs and start-ups with solutions matching to their needs. We invest in our team, our tools and our strategic partnerships.

Choose the right markets

Our intelligent tool will propose an index with ranking of markets with best potential for your company with infographic for your decision-making process.

Elaborate an action plan

After receiving the report, you will be able to make your own choice of future countries you will include in your global expansion.

Our Values

We are customer driven. We provide the best place to grow for our team. We value our partners.

Our mission

Prime Target wants to bring equal opportunities in international trade for the small and medium enterprises and start-ups by providing innovative and intelligence based strategic global marketing solutions.

Core Customers

We assist SMEs and start-ups who strive to go global. Our main clients are CEOs, CFOs, marketing and international development executives, export and sales executives. We collaborate with financial Institutions, analysts and governments to make our services available to our core customers.