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American Screening Global Strategy

Maintaining highest quality – Winning export strategy

Staying ahead of the competition through quality standards helps winning clients trust.

In 15 years, American Screening has managed to conquer 27 countries and they continue their international development to make available their products and value globally. The demand for their products is growing and the competition is fierce.


American Screening, LLC was founded in his in 2004 by the Ron Kilgarlin, the CEO of the company. The business started at his home from the dream of the owner to make a difference. Ron has dedicated his life to fight drug and alcohol addition. They are specialized in manufacturing of rapid drug and alcohol tests, infectious disease tests, cardiac tests and medical supplies.  They claim to be #1 rapid drug test manufacturer in America and to have unrivalled quality standards.

As part of their value and strength is their technology platform to manage their business needs and serve local and international customers. Their clients are able to manage and track orders, pay bills, get online product training and see order histories. They are as well digitally present and close to their customers and markets through their Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and Instagram accounts.

Market needs

The demand for their main range of screening products is stringent in countries with high drug and alcohol consumption rates. 

For rapid drug test, the market is very important for 275 million people are estimated to have used an illicit drug at least once in 2016. Looking at the example of opiate market, according to the World Health Organization, there has been an expansion of the global opiate market, with 19.4 million users in 2016. More than half of the estimated number of annual opiate users reside in Asia (58 per cent), almost one fifth in Europe (17 per cent), and one seventh in the Americas (15 per cent). The highest opiate prevalence rates were reported in the Near and Middle East/South-West Asia (1.6 per cent), North America (0.8 per cent) and Europe (0.6 per cent).

For rapid alcohol test market, in terms of alcohol consumption, heavy episodic drinking among drinkers is very high (≥ 60% of current drinkers) in the Russian Federation, in some other European countries (e.g. Bulgaria, Poland, Romania), and in some sub-Saharan African countries (e.g. Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo).

All these regions and countries are in need for screening products.

Global presence and ambitions

The company has understood their global potential and they have developed their presence through distributors in 27 countries. Currently their main markets are USA, Canada, Central America, South America, Mexico, Australia, Middle East, Asia, & Europe.

The international development does not stop and the company aims to make their high quality products available worldwide. In November 2019, they participate to internationally recognized trade fairs such as Medica in Dusseldorf, Germany. 

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