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Prime Target x Bodyguard : Helping the safe and fragrant mosquito repellants reach the world

Bodyguard is a responsible and revolutionary fragranced anti-mosquito made to ensure you have the best time outdoors without worrying about mosquitos. Traditional mosquito repellents can be harmful to your skin and environment and using them regularly can be an unpleasant experience. This is where Bodyguard’s products come to the rescue with their scented and natural repellants providing a pleasant customer experience.

Ever since Bodyguard’s launch, the demand for their products has been increasing in France, and why not? Bodyguard brings its expertise from Laboratoire Astelia, known for its knowledge of perfumes and biocides. Bodyguard’s products blend in the expertise of perfumery and years of research to craft safe and natural anti-mosquito repellants. Safe for your skin, environment and your health. Learning from the astonishing local success, Bodyguard’s next step is to serve the international markets and customers. Throughout this case study, you will discover how Prime Target helped Bodyguard to create a global strategy for its international success.   

Testimony of Stephanie Venier Dargent, Co-founder of Laboratoire Astelia

”We spent 2 years to make the best skin protection product against mosquitoes and our next goal is to reach every person in the world affected by mosquitoes.”

Stephanie Venier Dargent, Co-founder of Laboratoire Astelia

Prime Target believes that a thoughtful brand with a great product deserves international success. However entering an unknown terrain is challenging, especially for a company which is at the beginning of its internationalization path. The risk of failure is much higher for small and medium sized companies as they have less experience and limited availability of resources such as employees, time and capital.

The lack of a clear international strategy is one of the main reasons for the ineffective internationational development of startups. They may tend to enter a market by opportunity without any prior thought or analysis. This can lead to a significant waste of time and money. Ergo it is key to analyze the target countries and identify the opportunities and risks associated with entering one or more markets. As a result, this strategic evaluation allows companies to define the most attractive countries and establish priorities for their future international market. Our consultants at Prime Target are experts in international market selection and our tools are designed to bring clear results and reports for companies to identify countries which are expected to bring the highest market potential.

“Ideally, the first question for any company looking to expand internationally is – where to start? Prime Target provides the solution to that exact question ““

shares Tatiana Miron, CEO and founder of Prime Target

Our framework

During our work with Bodyguard, initially we were able to shortlist twenty countries from the list of more than fifty countries. As a next step, we have divided our work in two different stages. 

Firstly, we performed an internal analysis in which we determined the company’s capabilities to expand internationally. We evaluated the company’s maturity, international experience of the founders, shareholders and team members, resources, brand protection and structure.

Next, we performed an external analysis for the brand. External analysis was conducted to evaluate each country’s attractiveness and we based our analysis and research on reliable industry and country databases to be able to propose tailor-made research for our client.  We have even analyzed the global competition and our social media analytics tools allowed us to grasp their presence and strengths in each country. 

In our reports, we use 30 to 40 different data sources that are chosen entirely according to our client’s needs, objectives and resources. For Bodyguard, our report contains market size estimates for mosquito repellent in all countries along with an assessment of competition, market access, economy, country risk and trends. These sources are used in our study for Bodyguard but may differ depending on our clients.

For our experts, it was exciting to work for Bodyguard and on certain parts of the report we have worked hand in hand to understand and evaluate the complexity, cost and speed of market access for their products on a country by country basis. We have decided to involve the company to have a clear understanding how difficult it would be for the company to enter each country. This collaborative approach between Bodyguard who’s an expert in their industry and us experts in internationalization strategies gave us and the client a high confidence and reliability in the results produced.

In our final deliverable, the Market Ranking, we have helped the company to rank the twenty countries and recommended the top five countries to focus on during their first few years of internationalization and avoid unnecessary pitfalls and frustration. 

What were the results of our collaboration?

The fruits of this work are still to come and we see a great future for this brand. In 2022, Bodyguard is successfully launching in new countries in Europe such as the United Kingdom, Italy and Portugal and in few key countries in Africa such as Nigeria, South Africa, Ivory Coast, and Senegal.  

Hear it out from Stephanie, co-founder of Bodyguard and see how our collaboration helped them in their quest to select the right international markets :

Testimony of Stephanie Venier Dargent, Co-founder of Laboratoire Astelia

Will you be the next winner on international markets ?

Our reports help you choose among 5, 10 or 20 countries and we deliver accurate reports, recommendations and market data to make a wise choice. Our experts will be thrilled to help you grow global wisely. Discover our tailored studies to the specificities of your sectors and needs.

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