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e-commerce to export

How to leverage E-commerce to grow your export?

International e-commerce has been growing rapidly in recent years. With access and adoption of the Internet, and with nearly five billion Internet users around the world today, the number of people shopping online continues to grow. By 2022, according to Statista, the global e-commerce market revenue is expected to reach $4.23 trillion. This revenue is expected to grow at an annual rate of 11.58%, bringing

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first mover

Understanding first mover advantage in internationalisation

A company may choose to enter a new geographical market where the type of product it offers does not yet exist with the hope to gain the first mover advantage. First-mover strategy is not new and is regularly implemented by small and large companies.  It can bring a lot of benefits when executed well, however being the first mover is very expensive and not always

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International competition

How to deal with international competition ?

If you are a company which enters a new international market, you will have access to a new customer pool and potential revenue streams. However, you will also have to deal with new or existing competitors. Among them, many may be local competitors with a better knowledge and understanding of the market. Their presence in your target market gives them a significant advantage.. Your main

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