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Indian Market

Cracking the Code: Navigating the Unique Charms of the Indian Market

Navigating India’s Multifaceted Market The Indian Market stands out as a lively and attractive market in the rich fabric of global trade, presenting a range of opportunities and difficulties for multinational firms and stronger SMEs trying to establish a foothold. In recent years, India has emerged as a land of possibility for enterprises across industries. With a surging population of over 1.4 billion and a

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Export Marketing : Standardisation vs. Adaptation

Export marketing : Standardisation  vs. Adaptation

Introduction For international business, the export marketing strategy is a critical determinant of success, with two important elements : standardization and adaptation. Standardization involves the uniform application of marketing strategies across international markets. On the other hand, adaptation is the need to tailor marketing efforts to the specific characteristics and preferences of each target market. This difference between standardization and adaptation presents a perpetual dilemma

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How can artificial intelligence be leveraged in international marketing?

How to use Artificial Intelligence for international marketing

Introduction In recent months we have seen an increasing interest in the exponential advances being made in generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. This progress has led to fervent discussions on technology-related risks. AI represents a potentially disruptive inflection point for societies and creates an uncertain environment in which organizations must operate. Even if it may scare off some companies, AI promises significant benefits in key

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