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Export Marketing : Standardisation vs. Adaptation

Export marketing : Standardisation  vs. Adaptation

Introduction For international business, the export marketing strategy is a critical determinant of success, with two important elements : standardization and adaptation. Standardization involves the uniform application of marketing strategies across international markets. On the other hand, adaptation is the need to tailor marketing efforts to the specific characteristics and preferences of each target market. This difference between standardization and adaptation presents a perpetual dilemma

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Comment promouvoir vos produits à l'international

How to promote your products globally ?

Can you recall the fundamental principles of marketing encapsulated in the 4 P’s: product, price, place, and promotion? Among these, the final P—Promotion—holds the responsibility of building awareness and harnessing the curiosity of prospective consumers about your product. Within your domestic market, this marketing facet significantly contributes to your company’s triumph and growth. However, the question arises: does your promotional approach possess the aptitude to

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