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International norms and standards : what’s are the challenges

Understanding the challenges of international standards and norms

International standardization and norms is the process of developing and implementing international standards to ensure consistency and compatibility in products, services, and systems across different countries. These standards are intended to ensure that all countries have access to quality products, services, and systems that are safe, reliable, and consistent. International standards also help to encourage competition, reduce costs, and create a level playing field for

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Key tips for first time exporters

Key tips for first time exporters

Internationalization still scares small companies and some have to overcome psychological limitations, come up against cultural and language barriers, and overcome obstacles related to their internal financial capacity. Be that as it may, in the current highly competitive conditions, it is thanks to international opportunities that numerous companies are further able to preserve their strategic focus and at the same time improve their profitability and

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Selecting an export market is an important decision for any business.

5 steps to select the best potential export markets

Why is selecting an export market an important decision? For the simple reason that if you get it right, your results will skyrocket and  if not, you will lose years and valuable resources in a country that will not provide the expected returns on your investments. This key step in the internationalization process involves researching potential markets, assessing the risks and rewards, and making a

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